Commercial Vehicles

Car Wash and Auto Detail Services for all of your Commercial Vehicles

Your commercial vehicles are more than just a mode of transportation.

They are a workstation, a tool, and a reflection of your business and work ethic.

Treat your commercial vehicles to the best car wash services in town to make an impression and keep people thinking about your business.

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Why use Keystone car wash and Auto Detail's Commercial Vehicle Carwash Services?

Having a clean commercial vehicle is important for many reasons.

Free advertising is one of the most important factors. It offers a clear representation of your company’s branding and logo as your team goes about their work day. Your commercial vehicle, whether wrapped or simply branded with your company name, is a moving billboard for your business.

A spotless commercial vehicle gives full access to potential customers who need to be able to read your contact information.

And finally, presenting professional and well-kept equipment indicates your level of dedication to your profession…
if you put effort into the little details, you clearly go the extra mile in your business endeavors.


Commercial vehicle FAQs

Keystone has cleaned the gamut of commercial vehicles.  Depending on the size and condition of the vehicle an appointment is necessary and a price assessment must be given because commercial vehicles sometimes do not fall into the normal category of Keystone’s Size of vehicles or Detail Package.

Keystone has the ability to accommodate Trucks as big as Dually’s; F250 trucks with a lift no larger than 7’ 5”, and cargo van’s no taller than 7’5”.  However it is critical that the client know Keystone Attendants must be on site and assist with these size vehicles.

It’s always a good idea to call ahead if you have a larger commercial vehicle! We’ll do our very best to accommodate your schedule, every time!

Corporate and fleet services are available, just give us a call and let us know more details about your fleet so that we can discuss further!

Keystone does offer fleet accounts that offer a discount for pre-paid bulk washes.

Yes, our concierge services are limited to the immediate downtown area, give us a call to see if your location qualifies!  Please call to make an appointment and to coordinate pick-up and drop-off concierge.

Yes, Keystone Car Wash and Auto Detail is very careful to ensure our clients leave with their vehicles looking incredible. Your vehicle will attract even more customers after our services!

Have an oversized vehicle?

No worries! Along with being able to service commercial vehicles, Keystone Car Wash and Auto Spa is able to accommodate oversized vehicles like a dually, tow truck, or F250. Just make sure you call ahead to let us know so that our dedicated staff can be present to assist you with all of your car wash and auto detailing needs.

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of tackling a big project like cleaning your oversized vehicle or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to the task, we’re happy to take on the challenge for you.

Check out our page for oversized vehicles to learn more about how we can help your larger vehicle stay squeaky clean!