Dually and Oversized Vehicles

Car Wash and Auto Detail Services for all of your oversized Vehicles

Most carwash establishments can’t accommodate larger vehicles. At Keystone Car Wash and Auto Detail, we pride ourselves on the variety of large trucks and vehicles we are able to service. Our largest bay can fit vehicles up to 7 feet 5 inches (89 inches) tall.

Call now to speak to our specialist so we can get your big vehicle in for the car wash services it deserves!

Oversized vehicles | keystone autospa - carwash & detailing

Why trust keystone car wash and auto detail with your dually?

Our cleaning specialists know that your dually is more than just a vehicle to you. That’s why we put so much effort and care into ensuring that you drive away with even more pride in your dually than you showed up with.

Each member of our team has a deep respect for our clients and their vehicles. We’ll take excellent care of your dually, just like you do.

And our facilities offer more than your average car wash… we accommodate larger vehicles, our prep hose has better access to wheel wells, and our hand wash ensures a more detailed service.

dually and oversized vehicle FAQs

Keystone offers both services!  If the client is interested in a hand wash, we can then accommodate this request however it is much more labor intensive, and detailed which will take longer!

Keystone has the ability to accommodate Trucks as big as Dually’s; F250 trucks with a lift no larger than 7’ 5”, and cargo van’s no taller than 7’5”.  However it is critical that the client know Keystone Attendants must be on site and assist with these size vehicles.

Yes, please call ahead so that we can let you know if our larger washing bay is available!  You can also show up between the hours of 9am-5pm when Keystone is attended Monday thru Saturday (Weather Permitting).

Caked mud can be cleaned at Keystone, however must happen while an attendant is on site and prior to the touchless machine wash cycle.

Keystone has a power hose that is used to prep the vehicle before entering the touchless machine wash cycle.  The bed of the truck can be power hosed upon request of the client.

Wheel Wells will get attention in the prep wash cycle by an attendant with Keystone’s power hose.  However this is only offered from the wash selection by the client.

Absolutely, just let us know what your needs are and Keystone AutoSpa will be happy to take care of your vehicle, both inside and out!  Keystone AutoSpa has various detail packages to suit the needs of the client as well as the condition of the vehicle.

Yes, we offer top to bottom services. Your vehicle will be looking almost new when you drive away from Keystone’s Car Wash!  If tires need to be degreased we have the solution.  Further we will shine the tires depending on which wash or detail package is selected.


Have a commercial vehicle?

No worries! Along with being able to service oversized vehicles, Keystone Car Wash and Auto Spa is able to accommodate commercial vehicles like squad cars, tow trucks, and fleet vehicles. Just make sure you call ahead to let us know what you need so that our dedicated staff can be present to assist you with all of your car wash and auto detailing needs.

If you’re already overwhelmed with the million tasks you have on your plate and the thought of tackling a big project like cleaning your commercial vehicles is weighing you down, let us take over! Most business owners simply don’t have the time or staff to dedicate to the their commercial vehicles and we’re always happy to take on the challenge for you.

Check out our page for commercial vehicles to learn more about how we can help your company vehicle stay squeaky clean!